APSEC 2017 Tutorials:

Developing Service Architecture of Sensor Data Analysis on Cloud Platforms (Half day, 3-Hour Tutorial)

Speaker: Yan Liu, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Big sensor data consists of data streams with large number of feature information constantly generated from geographically distributed sources. The processing capability becomes a data service that handles data records in parallel as they arrive and correlates across multiple records overtime to gain insights and values of data patterns. Thus the service architecture for processing high-speed data streams should scale on distributed platforms. The goal of this tutorial is to provide a practical view of the architecture challenges and techniques of building service architecture to parallelizing sensor data processing. This tutorial covers the following topics: (1) the discovery algorithms to identify the trends in time-series data streams; (2) the parallel programming frameworks for both batch and streaming implementation; (3) the ensemble of analysis models; and (4) a service architecture on a cloud cluster. This tutorial demonstrates case studies with public open dataset and a set of open source software frameworks on a fully integrated cluster environment on AWS cloud.