The Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC) has become the leading international conference on full-spectrum software engineering and technology, in particular for the Asia-Pacific region. APSEC conferences aim to bring together researchers, practitioners, and educators from academia, industry, and government to advance the state of the art in software engineering and technology and to encourage wider communication and collaboration between academics and industries.

Past APSEC Conferences

APSEC 2016, Hamilton, New Zealand
APSEC 2015, New Delhi, India
APSEC 2014, Jeju Island, Korea
APSEC 2013, Bangkok, Thailand
APSEC 2012, Hong Kong (China)
APSEC 2011, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
APSEC 2010, Sydney, Australia
APSEC 2009, Penang, Malaysia
APSEC 2008, Beijing, China
APSEC 2007, Nagoya, Japan
APSEC 2006, Bangalore, India
APSEC 2005, Taipei, Taiwan (China)
APSEC 2004, Busan, Korea
APSEC 2003, Chiang Mai, Thailand
APSEC 2002, Gold Coast, Australia
APSEC 2001, Macao (China)
APSEC 2000, Singapore
APSEC 1999, Takamatsu, Japan
APSEC 1998, Taipei, Taiwan (China)
APSEC 1997, Hong Kong (China)
APSEC 1996, Seoul, Korea
APSEC 1995, Brisbane, Australia
APSEC 1994 (First APSEC), Tokyo, Japan